I'll try this again tomorrow. With less clumsiness and murder.

After yesterday's declaration, promising that I would publish something at least five times a week until the end of the year, I've already derailed myself. I intended to write a piece on a bizarre political conversation I had with a Cambodian woman, because it was as strange as it was eye opening. I went to go write that post and got about halfway through before I realized that 1) I could just turn it into a journalism piece and publish it to a big boy publication, which is pretty much the goal of this writing thing anyway. And 2) I remembered that publicly talking about politics in this country is considered...uh, impolite, so it's probably best to shut up until I get to another continent. 

Now, at 8:41pm on a Tuesday, I've found that I'm full of unfulfilled promises. My computer also broke, so I'm flip flopping between a behemoth 2010 MacBook Pro that has to think really hard to function and an ASUS notebook computer that mysteriously performs functions even when I'm not touching the computer. Also, I tripped up the stairs and somehow hit myself in the back of the head with my 5lb camera. I spilled avocado ice cream all over the dress I've been wearing for three days (because the washing machine on the balcony broke and flooded the floor with suds, and then when the cleaning woman discovered it she just sat down in the doorframe and stared at me until I left the apartment, because apparently that was the solution to this problem.) But mostly, I've had three separate conversations about two different genocides, and that's just way too much mass murder for one day. 

I'll try this again tomorrow. With less clumsiness and murder. In the meantime, here's an awesome photo I took that accurately captures the insanity of tuk tuking in Phnom Penh. 

©  2016 Brooke Siem

©2016 Brooke Siem