Random transmits because the TWDs kept me up all night.

Cambodia has a dog problem. Even as a dog lover, TWDs (Third World Dogs) are rather unpleasant on the whole. It's upsetting to see so many neglected, abused, and mange ridden dogs, but they're also so annoying that you really start to have a greater appreciation for cats. Thailand had a dog problem too, in that stray dogs just run all over the place, casually sleeping in the middle of the street and chasing after motorbikes. Thai dogs were a pest, much like squirrels, but at least they went bed at a reasonable hour. Cambodian dogs, though, are vampires. They sleep all day and then howl all night long for hours and hours and hours until you're ready to just round them all up with a net and send them to Vietnam for lunch. 

I bet this girl was just going for a nap so she could party all night long. The dog. Not the child. 

I bet this girl was just going for a nap so she could party all night long. The dog. Not the child. 

So if it isn't clear, I didn't sleep much last night. I'm having trouble hearing the little man in my head. If he's not typing, I'm not typing. All I know is that it's Black Friday in the US, which means that families from all over the country are strengthening their familial bonds by camping outside of the local Wal-Mart. If anything, Black Friday serves as a nice reminder that even in the after glow of the foufy election, the American Dream is still alive, which means it's perfectly acceptable to get in a fistfight over a discounted TV or poop emoji slippers.

Meanwhile, I'm over here in Cambodia and am unreasonably excited about using a hair dryer. I also put on makeup, which is another thing I haven't regularly done in months. Both of these things were a total waste of time, because the second I stepped out in to the balmy Phnom Penh evening, I sweated all the makeup off and spent the evening pushing my suctioned bangs off my forehead. 

I head to Siem Reap tomorrow (I'm so excited for all the last name puns) to check out all the temples, and now that my computer is back from the Cambodian computer hospital, I can actually upload all of my photos and stop passing off iPhone photos as actual photography. So, assuming the dogs let me sleep next week, I should have majestic photos of ancient ruins. I'm going to pretend you can't just go Google it. But if you do Google it, do it from the new gadget you got during your Black Friday sale. Put that American Dream to good use. And pick me up a hair dryer while you're at it. Cambodia is all sold out.