I'm hoping for fewer sea lions in 2017.

When you're stuck in the middle of an ongoing period of depression (and there's no end in sight), I really don't reccomend having a conversation about your future with a successful 27 year old YouTube pop star. It's basically the equivalent of spending the last week treading water in the middle of the ocean, and then you finally find an island to swim to and get really excited about it. So you get to swimming, and you feel like maybe you're making progress, and then a 27 year old sea lion just comes out of nowhere and smacks you with his giant flippers. You can't really be mad because sea lions are adorable and they clearly know more about the ocean than you do. He shows you where to find the school of sardines, but you're like thanks for the culinary recommendation, sir, but I'm really just looking for dry land. But now you're all dizzy from getting smacked. You're also already weak from swimming in the ocean for a week, so maybe you should just be looking for those sardines instead of going to that island. You can't even see the island anymore, probably because somewhere in the world a glacier melted and global warming ate it. Or you've floated too far away because you're distracted by the fact that you just got smacked by a sea lion. Or the island never existed in the first place. Either way, the sea lion scurries away, the island is gone, and you're back to floating aimlessly while you wonder WTF just happened. 

I believe this is actually a seal. Whatever, it's cute and I don't discriminate. 

I believe this is actually a seal. Whatever, it's cute and I don't discriminate. 

The point of this mixed metaphor is that I got a ton of great advice from someone far more internet successful than I am, but that none of his advice fit into the plan I'd created for myself so now I'm just confused and stuck. I've spent the last few days thinking about what I'm going to do about all of this, and the plan is to make some changes for the New Year. For the few of you who have stuck with me on my writing journey so far, thank you. I promise more will come, but it may all look a little different. 

See you in 2017.