Don't quit because it's hard. Quit because it's stupid.

Note: This article is just an excerpt from a piece I wrote for Tortuga Backpack's "On Your Terms" publication. Like! Tweet! Shout! Follow! 

I blame Lance Armstrong and Instagram for ruining the power of quitting. As Lance was busy juicing his quads while also spouting platitudes like “Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever,” some marketing intern who just learned Photoshop took that quote, overlaid it over a misty forest scape, and then released it into the internet like a injured bird out for its first flight.

And then a big cat came along and ate that damn bird because that thing was in a weakened state and Instagram is full of lies. But nobody saw themselves in that sad little bird, because they were too busy trying to force themselves to stick with something that actually needs to end. If Lance was really looking out for us, he would have said “Don’t quit because it’s hard. Quit because it’s stupid.” But, Lance was otherwise occupied. So here I am, doing all of his leg work (without steroids, so it’s much harder) and wondering what it is about this quitting thing that makes people give themselves permission to be miserable. And because that marketing intern has now been stuck in her job for five years even though she really just wants to go make cheese on a farm in Wisconsin, she’s too cranky and hungover to make me my inspirational graphic, so now I have to do that too.


The best part about that image is that I've been sitting on that photo for years. I took it on a solo road trip around Iceland back in 2013, just because I thought it was creepy that feathers apparently don't fall of a bird carcass. Three and a half years later, I independently created a metaphor that required me to google dead bird in beautiful landscape. I looked at all the options, which included terrible MS Paint drawings and one moody photo of a guy with a dead bird strategically covering his nethers (that's a different sort of metaphor). I was contemplating the weirdness of all of this and thinking of quitting Google entirely, when I suddenly remembered that past Brooke took the perfect photo and now it has a purpose! I think they call this kismet, or deja vu, or astral projection or something. Whatever it is, someone should put it on Reddit so all the upvotes get it to the top of the Google search quotes about quitting because that search term needs a swift kick in the balls of reality...

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