Day 25: Some things I keep for myself.

Note: The Rules & Guidelines for the Yes Test can be found hereDue to the time sensitive nature of a few things that happened on Day 25, I'm keeping the details of that day quiet for now...but here's an excerpt of the original, unpublished entry: 


I have a theory that people between the ages of 27-30 should more or less be given a pass for any idiotic shit things they do (like getting married and having a kid) and the seemingly dumbass decisions they make (like quitting a steady job to go fulfill their childhood dream of making cheese in Wisconsin.) There's something about this period of time — and for some it trickles over a year or so on each end, and for others it might just be an intense six months — where people make major decisions or go through a defining experience that ultimately shapes them and pivots them onto a path different than the one they were on before. 

Forgetting all the first marriages and kids, which are the most obvious manifestation of this phenomena, just in my small group of friends I've seen the death of parents or direct family members, loss of a major job or career, sudden moves across the country, one battle with cancer, long term international travel, restraining orders...sometimes more than one of these things. And I don't even have that many friends, so it's not like I'm just pulling out random tragedies from a large pool. 

Call it whatever you want — Quarter Life Crisis, Saturn Return, or just general coincidence, but it's impossible to ignore. Think about you and your friends at this age. I'm betting that things felt a lot more stable and secure at 26 or 31, generally.