Day 27: YVR --> RNO

Before announcing this whole Yes Test experiment publicly, and by "publicly" I mean to the 100 or so people on my email list who might actually care, I wanted to make sure that I could keep it up over a period of time and also across more than one location. I find that my priorities and schedule constantly change from place to place, and I didn't want to tell my little world about this and then abandon it a few days later. Now that I'm nearly 30 days in and have officially left Vancouver, I think it's about time to unleash the possibility of Yes into the world, which probably just means more karaoke requests

During my time at home, I don't anticipate too many major storylines, mostly because I spend the majority of my days here napping and reading on my favorite couch. The most notable thing I've said "yes" to so far was a slice of my mom's frozen banana-yogurt-fruit concoction that threw off my macro count for the day. Riveting stuff over here. 

That said, I have committed to a 4th of July yacht party hosted by my ex-step brother, a nearly 40 year old single, child-free anesthesiologist, which means when he's not gently drugging someone into an ketamine induced sleep, he's pretending he's 22...but with a pile of cash. He says things like, "If I get a boat that's just two feet longer than the boat I already have, it's technically a yacht, and you can write off a yacht as a second home! But I already have a second"

This combination 22 year old stuck in a 40 year old doctor's body results in some magnificent parties, with zero of the jerkitude you might expect. Sure, he nominates himself as the Ultimate Party Captain and throws annual parties with epic themes like Snakes & Lasers and Swashbuckler's Regatta, but he also adheres to every possible law and safety regulation so as to cover everyone's ass while being completely ridiculous. He also holds high standards for his guests, and if you show up to a themed party unprepared or under-dressed, you will be shunned. I've had to go out and purchase properly themed attire just so I won't get kicked off the boat.

I'm going to have to forget all of New York City Brooke's quiet sophistication, and tap into Reno Brooke's cowgirl Wal-Mart mindset, which means I will be doing a lot of woooooo'ing in a push up American flag bikini while drinking Budweiser. 'Murica, fuck yeah.