Day 28: Do you want to come to Santiago sooner?

Note: The Rules & Guidelines for the Yes Test can be found here.


The first question has been asked that falls into the realms of "physically unreasonable." Mark it on the calendar.

The Yes Test accidentally rerouted me from Buenos Aires to Santiago, Chile back on Day 11, and instead of changing the flight back, I decided to stick with the Chile plan even though I have done zero research and have no idea what's going on. All I know is that I'm supposed to meet my friend Mike on the morning of the 11th and...that's as far as we've gotten. I sort of mentally put him in charge of finding us a place to stay and creating an itinerary, partly because of my own laziness, and partly because I need to let go some of this compulsive need for control. 

But then he got robbed in Peru and sent me a rather frantic message asking me if I could mule him a laptop and come to Santiago early, so he could you know, do his job on the laptop I was hypothetically bringing him, because he actually has a job and apparently when you have one of those things it's important to show up. 

This is the first situation where saying "yes" presents a few real problems. First, I'm planning on going carry on only, which means space isn't just limited, it's precious. There's almost no way I can fit an extra laptop into my setup without leaving something out or shifting my entire plan. But, it doesn't really violate any of the rules, and it's not a malicious request. It simply changes my plan, so by definition, I should bring him the laptop. 

As far as going to Santiago early, though, I've decided that falls into the category of "physically or financially unreasonable." While Mike (perhaps jokingly?) offered to pay for the flight change, I used air miles to book the flight and specifically booked on the 10th because not only was it half as expensive as every other day, but it gave me a good chunk of time to recharge at home and spend time with my mom. Changing my flight may not cost me actual money, but I could lose air miles/get downgraded, since I was lucky to get cheap upgrade on the 12 hour leg. Thus, unless Mike wanted to pay for my business class seat in cash (which I'm assuming he definitely does not want to do) a change of flight would cause me to lose out not on money, but on two other major currencies: time and comfort. Comfort is fleeting and renewable, while time is not — and therefore time is undisputedly invaluable. So, it's a "no" to changing my ticket. 

But Mike informed me that he found a place to buy one, so the crisis is averted. Also, he didn't get robbed at gunpoint as much as his bag got stolen off of the back of a chair, which makes this whole thing seem like less of an emergency and more of a reason for me to validate my "no."