Day 44: Will you let me sell this book?

Note: The Rules & Guidelines for the Yes Quest can be found here.


If you've read the Rules & Guidelines of the Yes Quest, one of the things I specifically mention is that I can say "no" in any professional instance, for reasons that should be quite obvious: I figured I'd ruin whatever reputation I have by agreeing to a project or job that I wasn't qualified to do, in which case I'd inevitably bring down the entire company because I didn't know the specifics behind "state-of-the-art, full stack, postcard marketing." Then I'd get sued for damages and lose the case because I couldn't afford a lawyer. I'd have to file for bankruptcy, but fist I'd bake a few Pretzels & Beer cupcakes to bring to the Person-In-Charge-Of-Bankruptcy in hopes that he'd take pity on me and let me keep my favorite desk, which is the only thing I own with any value. Of course, he's allergic to the hazelnuts in my Nutella frosting and he dies right there in Wells Fargo, doubling over on top of a pencil cup full of DumDums. Then I go to jail for involuntary manslaughter. 

And that's why I make rules. Obviously.

But, my book agent is persistent and is (smartly) using the Yes Quest to entice me to finally focus on a project that I started over a year ago, before I left New York City. Nearly every month I've gotten a message from her, "How's that book coming along?" And nearly ever month I've responded with, "I feel like I just don't have anything to say yet." She responds with a list of legitimate reasons for me to get my ass in gear, and I shrug along, waiting for a lightening bolt of inspiration. 

I guess, after a year, I'm tired of that response. My travels are coming to a close. Prohibition Bakery is no more. I'm looking forward to a settled life, instead of one lived out of a suitcase. Thanks to 44 days into the Yes Quest, even though my day to day life remains generally the same, I find that I'm taking more time to contemplate the little decisions for no reason other than to break patterns. Not that this is a little decision. It will take an immense amount of time and focus and could turn out to be a fruitless endeavor. Or, I'll be a multi-thousandairre, rich in DumDums and small talk from my local bank.