Day 36: The Spreadsheet

Note: The Rules & Guidelines for the Yes Quest can be found here.


It's been a quiet few days for the Yes Quest, mostly because I've been holed up in my mom's house, nursing a few nagging issues and getting my life organized before leaving for Chile on Monday. I've now have a "Questions" spreadsheet that's helping me keep track of all the questions and requests that won't be fulfilled until sometime in the future. The majority of questions I have to answer are immediate, practical, or local — do you want to go to Tahoe? Can you write an authentic love letter? Help me out with some change? But as I start to talk about this project and my circle of sadistic acquaintances realize that they can, in effect, ask me anything, I've begun to amass a handful of questions that need to be worked into the future. 

So far, I've mentioned the karaoke and stand up need to happen sometime in the next 329 days. (Dave, if you're reading this, don't think you're getting away with the karaoke request, because I will be in New York City in the fall and we are going to turn "I Kissed a Girl" into a duet.) Additionally, I'll be crashing not one, but two strangers' weddings on back to back days in September, attempting to swing through Little Rock, AK to visit an old friend, and now I'm going to hunt down a podcast posing as a school bus that's puttering around South America. 

I was connected to the On the Bus podcast by one of my new professional degenerate friends, a.k.a. a professional poker player, who commented on my facebook and said, "You should meet up with my friends on On The Bus Podcast while in South America!" Podcast founders Daniel Blum and Brandon Reese got the harebrained idea to outfit a yellow school bus into a mobile podcast studio and then drive it around South America for funsies, adventure, and human connection. (If you want to help out this amazingly quirky project, go check out their Kickstarter. Malaria pills are expensive and soundproof buses are expensive, yo!) 

My South America schedule is currently semi-flexibile. I'll be in or near Santiago for the middle of July, likely in Mendoza/Cordoba for the end of July, and around Buenos Aires for August. I have two free weeks at the beginning of September that are open for random projects, one of which is to find this bus and fulfill a yes.