Day 16: Plz take a video of you doing kettlebell swings with him

Note: The Rules & Guidelines for the Yes Test can be found here.

Internet, meet Steve. Steve is a 25lb cat. Steve is on a diet of precisely 250 calories a day, and is encouraged to exercise in the form of excessive suitcase scratching, feather chasing, and jumping from nap pillow to nap pillow. He also enjoys a little light Hemingway.

I spent the past two days cat sitting Steve and put a video of him on my Instagram, which prompted me to describe him as a "25lb medicine furball." A friend responded and said, "Plz take a video of you doing kettlebell swings with him." Now, this is not a yes or no question, so I technically wasn't under my own jurisdiction and could have just laughed off the comment. However, my ultimate guideline for the Yes Test is the Spirit of the Game, and I've decided that questions that are not specifically yes or no as well as statements and requests can still be subject to completion. I define the Spirit of the Game as a question or request that puts me out of my comfort zone and/or asks me to do something I wouldn't normally do, either out of fear, excuse, or general laziness, without violating any set guidelines. 

Using Steve the cat as a kettlebell isn't something I would normally do, mostly because I'm lazy enough not to follow through on mildly amusing requests (and also I don't spent much time around obese cats.) I mean, figuring out how to set the phone up on my bed and drag Steve off the pillow took all of three precious minutes which is like, a lot of prime internet browsing time. If there's any reason why I'm not a multi-millionaire right now, it's probably because I was otherwise occupied on Reddit. 

I decided that actually videoing myself using Steve as a workout tool and sending to my friend fit in quite well with the Spirit of the Game, so I scooped him up and started squatting. As much as I wanted to take him by the arm pits (leg pits?) and swing him like a Russian kettlebell swing, I figured that wouldn't be in the Spirt of the Game, lest Steve get a little slippery and fly out of my hands and into the armoire.

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Steve put up with this for about 30 seconds before clawing at my face in protest, which I found to be rather insulting because I WAS JUST TRYING TO HELP YOU BE YOUR BEST SELF AND SLIM DOWN, STEVE. 

What a jerk.