Day 22: Who wants to try a coffee and Red Bull vape stick?

Note: The Rules & Guidelines for the Yes Test can be found here.


This is starting to feel stupid. I don't know exactly what part feels the most stupid — the attempts to say 'yes,' the documenting of mostly nothing, or the fact that I'm doing this all for free. It either seems like I'm half-assing this without even realizing it (since it's against instinct to actually say 'yes' to everything) or the questions are so dumb, but by saying 'yes' I realize I've committed myself to a morning of writing for something as useless as a vape stick. 

A friend had a meeting with the guy who started a vape stick company called Eagle Energy, so my friend had a bunch to try. Apparently twenty puffs equals one cup of coffee and each puff tastes like Red Bull. I can confirm that it does taste Red Bull, which means it tastes like cancerous vomit, and that if it had caffeine, it didn't do much to perk me up. What a winning human invention that will likely make millions. 

And that was the only notable question of the day. Stupid.