Day 34: Tahoe? Plague? Yes.

Note: The Rules & Guidelines for the Yes Test can be found here.


I've gotten a little behind on writing, thanks to staying yes to more social outings and obligations than I normally would. A few days ago, I actually left the house after 10PM because an old friend from high school (and the single most talented person I think I've ever met, Mr. Franz Szony) asked me to meet him for a drink. Normally, if I'm home after 10PM, I am not leaving the house. Hell, if I'm home at 8pm and haven't made plans to leave, I'm probably not leaving, so putting on pants and driving to be social at 10:30pm is a massive departure from the norm. 

My drink with Franz led to a tentative plan to head to Tahoe a few days after the Fourth of July, which meant that my usual morning routine of coffee eggs coffee writing coffee was interrupted in favor of emerald blue water and a nudie beach. While it's a swap I certainly don't mind, the more I say yes the less time I have to actually write about saying yes which means the whole point of saying yes is kind of moot. I'm a little concerned about maintaining this schedule as my casual vagrancy and scheduled obligations increase, but I suppose there's nothing to be done about it at the moment. 

More importantly, the plague is a thing again. As we were hiking into Secret Cove, the nude beach that's tucked into a hidden cove of Tahoe, we passed by a cork board with a public notice attached to it that had PLAGUE written across it in giant letters. Apparently adorable chipmunks in Tahoe are infected with the plague, which doesn't seem to bother the chipmunks, but has given the news all sorts new ways to scare the shit out of people. If these chipmunks weren't crafty little fuckers who have no fear of humans, then maybe this whole thing wouldn't be an issue, but these creatures clearly don't see a bunch of planet-sized tourists as threats and will therefore dive bomb into the open bag of chips that's right next to your feet. They're so damn cute that when they emerge out of the bag of chips and stand on their little hind legs, munching on a Dorito, everyone just awwwwwws instead of shooing the thing away. And then everyone just goes back to eating the chips, because these days the plague can be treated by a quick course of antibiotics, which basically makes the plague about as threatening as a run of the mill STD. Way to make progress, science.