Day 42: Do you like cilantro? Do you like tonic?

Note: The Rules & Guidelines for the Yes Quest can be found here.


Mike and I were chatting about the Yes Quest over Chilean sushi, which oddly included a chicken roll that consisted of dry chicken breast wrapped in sushi rice and nori. It arrived as part of a combination platter, and while we assumed the chicken roll showed up thanks to an English to Spanish to Japanese translation game of telephone gone awry, it seemed deceptive to include a chicken roll in the hefty price of a sushi platte. We sent it back and received a sub part cucumber roll in its place, which felt like a clear "Fuck you!" from the sushi chef who now had to deal with an unwanted chicken roll. 

I was telling him about my various challenges, including stand up, when his eyes lit up and he said, "Oh, I have a challenge for you!" 

Oh shit. 

"Do you like cilantro?"

Well, that's not what I expected. 

"Do you like tonic? Because I hate cilantro and I hate tonic, and for all of this year I've been asking people about this and I haven't found a single person who hates cilantro and likes tonic, or hates tonic and loves cilantro. So, for the rest of the Yes thing whenever someone says they hate cilantro, ask them if they like tonic." 

Huh. Okay. Personally I loathe tonic water but can tolerate cilantro. I certainly don't like it, but I've come to accept that sometimes it's in my salsa without my permission, but that I shouldn't let it ruin some otherwise perfectly good salsa. 

So here I am, fulfilling my Yes Quest duty to follow through on any questions that are asked of me, including getting to the bottom of this hot topic. I ask you, dear readers, if you hate cilantro, do you like tonic? Inquiring chicken roll rejecting minds want to know.