Day 47: Body by churros.

Note: The Rules & Guidelines for the Yes Quest can be found here.


Unintended side effects of the Yes Quest: a softening backside and an extra layer of Chile. 

It's been a week and a half since I arrived in South America, and I'm already feeling any progress in aesthetics and fitness slip by the wayside now that I have to say "yes" to everything...including food. It doesn't help that my travel buddy Mike seems to have three stomachs, one for when he's a practicing vegan (which means he's hungry all the time because he's eating nothing but bread and vegetables), another for when he's at a nice restaurant and indulging in such Chilean delicacies as horse tartare, and a third one dedicated to his sweet tooth, which means we've been sampling alfajors from wherever we go. 

And of course he's a polite and considerate person, so he's constantly asking me if I want a bite of the empanada con choclo y champignonestostada con palta, and a glass of carmenere. We're splitting desserts and appetizers at every restaurant, getting hot wine in the middle of July, and grabbing sopaipillas on the street, even though we just ate lunch. I've eaten more muffins in the past week than I ever have in my entire life, partly because we're throwing around an app idea involving muffins, but mostly because Mike just wants to taste test muffins. 

I fondly remember the days when I had a few abs and a booty that wouldn't quit, but body by churros is an admirable goal too, right?