Speaker. Writer. Chef.


From writing to photography to cupcakes to design. Just please don't ask me to sing.


my book

Published by Sterling Epicure in 2015, Prohibition Bakery is a full color, 300 page hardcover cookbook found in bookstores nationwide.

published articles

With 200+ articles published in a variety of publications, there are way too many to list. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Trending on Medium: What it’s like to compete on — and win—Food Network’s “Chopped”

  • Tasting Table: Flying Solo: What It's Really Like to Travel Alone and the Best Places To Do It

  • Modern Loss: Welcome to New York

  • BarBend: How Mr. Royal H. Burpee Invented the Most Despised Movement in Fitness

Design & Marketing Collateral

From the collection industry to Madison Square Garden, my design aesthetic is simple yet effective with a focus on efficient storytelling.

podcast interviews

Got questions about my life? Let’s talk about it.

  • Pivot Podcast: Episode 107: (Un)Medicating Grief & Recovering Feeling After Decades on Anti-Depressants with Brooke Siem

  • The Growth Tribe: Episode 33: Grieving Loss, Identity & Closing Life’s Chapters ft. Brooke Siem

  • Maverick's Podcast: Episode 14: Take Back Control of your Life


Photography was my first digital love, and I have been lucky to shoot all around the world and for a variety of industries.

speaking engagements

If I have a superpower, it’s my love of public speaking. The lights, the makeup, the nerves—I love it all.

Next Up: Sam Sullivan Salon, Vancouver B.C., 2020

Past Talks: