DISCLAIMER: There's a solid chance you're going to get offended at some point and for that, I say an advanced, "You're welcome. Thank you. I'm sorry." If my brand of humor and storytelling is not your preferred brand of whisk[e]y (I'm an Islay girl, myself), go write your own story. You can't have mine. And then go find a box of kittens to make it all better. That's what I do when you say something that pisses me off. All of the thoughts, recipes, stories, and photographs (unless otherwise noted) are curated by my brain, and my brain only. I reserve the right to update this disclaimer without notice, change my mind at any point, edit posts after they've been published, and delete any and all comments for any reason. Basically, I'm a three dimensional human person and this site will evolve and change as I do. Names and places will be changed in the event that identity needs to be protected, but as far as my opinion on your weird situation...well, if it's worth writing about,  it's probably worth laughing about, so lighten up.  

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