The Yes Quest: Guidelines

The Yes Quest: Guidelines

The Yes Quest, a year long experiment in saying Yes.

June 3, 2017 - June 3, 2018. 

Rules & Guidelines

Updated: 7.5.2017

I must say yes, to any yes/no question or request and follow through unless the scenario falls outside the Spirit of the Game. The Spirit of the Game is defined as as a question or request that puts me out of my comfort zone and/or asks me to do something I wouldn't normally do, either out of fear, excuse, or general laziness.

While the Spirit of the Game is a fluid definition, a few scenarios clearly warrant a "no," including but not limited to the following:    

The request puts me or any one else in danger. 

Example: Do you want to smoke some crack? Do you want to pet the bear cub? Do you want to light a can of hair spray on fire, just to see what would happen?

The question abuses the system.

Example: A "friend" who asks if I want 10 shots in 20 minutes, just because he knows that I have to say yes. At that point, I just scream “ABUSE! ABUSE! ABUSE!” over and over until security shows up and takes care of my problem for me.

The scenario is financially unreasonable.

Example: Do you want to go on a $10k expedition to Antarctica? Will you want to invest your savings in my new wholesale cat fur weaving startup? Do you want to by this $14,000 Chanel lambskin dress? 

The scenario is physically unreasonable. 

Example: Will you run an ultra-marathon with me tomorrow? Do you want to deadlift 400lbs? I've heard auto-erotic asphyxiation is all the rage right now, want to give it a shot? 

The request has lasting, negative consequences: 

Example: Do you want get an anatomically correct face tattoo? Want to try some steroids, just for funsies and gainz? There's this thing called and I think you should sign up for it...

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Just as the Spirit of the Game applies to questions with negative, illegal, or harmful questions, it also applies to general real world applications, in which saying "yes" doesn't help anyone. For example, I am free to say "no" in the following scenarios: 

  • Basic conversations with staff or in a restaurant or retail environment
  • In a professional conversation. 
  • If there is an unreasonable time commitment or scheduling conflict 
  • If a "yes" creates any sort of fraudulent situation
  • To factual questions, like “Have you been to Antarctica?”

*All of these guidelines are subject to revision as the year unfolds and scenarios emerge.