Day 6: Do you want to take my 10:15 massage?

Note: The Rules & Guidelines for the Yes Test can be found here.

All of my instant friends are out of town, so I'm left in Vancouver alone, trying to figure out what to do with my life for the next few months. I came to Vancouver in the first place because of a perfect storm of occurrences. I was supposed to fly to Cambodia, but the day before I was scheduled to get on the plane, I hurt my back so badly that I physically couldn't sit on a plane for 30ish hours. And because I've filed taxes as an expat, I only have a certain number of days that I'm allowed to be in the States, so back injury or not, I had to GTFO. I needed to finalize the bakery sale, which was not going particularly smoothly, and I was concerned that I was going to have to fly back to New York. I needed to find somewhere out of the country with last minute flights to New York, but only a short distance away so that I could physically sit through the plane ride, and it had to be somewhere I could stay indefinitely. 

I called up my favorite Canasian and flew to Vancouver a few days later. 

The Canasian is one of my best friends from college. Born in Hong Kong, raised in Vancouver, and educated at Middlebury with me, the Canasian is now a professional degenerate, and by that I mean he plays poker for a living. He and his crew of about 20 other professional degenerates are some of the best poker players in the entire world, and they all gather in Vancouver for the month of May before heading down to Vegas for a six week long poker series in June and July. They all have the perfect lifestyle to support the wide open schedule of a recently freed alcoholic cupcake company co-founder who is now squatting in Canada and asking herself, what's next? And, because they're all Canadian or Brits pretending to be Canadian, they're all so considerate and polite that even though they've only known me a short tie, they remember to book an extra seat for me at dinner, invite me to trivia, and let me stay in their apartments. It's been the most welcoming and genuinely friendly community I have ever encountered. 

And now they're gone. Off to attempt to win millions in my home state. When all my instant friends are gone, there's no one to ask questions that force a yes. I did get a great massage out of it, though, after happily saying yes to taking the Canasian's weekly massage appointment (which helped me be physically ready for a long night of puzzling.) Beyond that, I asked all the questions today. Where should I go? What should I do? What's next? Where do I focus? What is the right path? 

No answers yet....