Day 4: Want a gummy bear?

Note: The Rules & Guidelines for the Yes Test can be found here.

You know when you're kayaking up the cove of Indian Arm in East Vancouver and you dock your kayak on an uninhabited island, and it turns out there's two guys on the island hanging out with their three dogs, but you disembark anyway because this particular island was the whole point of the kayaking adventure, and then one of the guys wanders over and offer you some gummy bears? Obviously you're obligated to say yes and you don't want to be rude, especially since he did just stop his giant black and white rescue dog from attacking you and maybe he'll be offended if you don't take a gummy bear, and if he's pissed at you then maybe he'll just tell the dog to go for it and since you're on an island, there's not exactly anywhere you can run. So you take a few gummy bears, swallow them and say thank you, and he says, "Don't worry, the fentanyl won't kick in for about an hour." 

And then the silence hangs for a nano second, and you realize that these two guys somehow got themselves, three gigantic dogs, and a large supply of beer into a tiny motorboat and thought it was a good idea to put put across the sea to hang out on what is effectively a extra-large rock. Drugs are pretty much the only reason why someone would think this scenario was a good idea. Also, this is Vancouver. The entire city is high. 

"Just kidding. The 'real' gummy bears are back at my place across the water."

Good joke dude. Thanks for at least warning us that it would take an hour to kick in so we could kayak back to the boathouse before we died of an overdose. At least put something fun in the gummies and not just a run of the mill heroine substitute that I could get for $35 on East Hastings Street. Also, if your dog eats me after I'm dead from fentanyl he'll probably die by proxy, so this whole thing was really poor planning on your part. You could have had it all, but now you have a to deal with a dead dog and four dead professional degenerates who somehow have the freedom to go kayaking at 2pm on a Tuesday. We're not all going to fit in the rowboat, at least not until you finish all that beer. So drink up. You've got work to do.