Brooke Siem

Brooke Siem


One day, I quit my life as a chef and writer in New York City in order to cook with grandmothers from all across the globe, all while traveling with 75 people I've never met. You, like many others, might be questioning my sanity. Let it be known that I've gotten my mind checked multiple times by licensed therapists. I ignored everything they said and decided travel anyway. 

This was never the plan. After acquiring a totally useful history degree from Middlebury College in 2008, the economy crashed and the universe turned my cooking habit into a year. I got a culinary degree from the Institute of Culinary Education, worked at fancy places like Daniel Boulud’s Bar Boulud, Wylie Dufresne’s WD~50, and then as a personal chef for the sort of clients who keep their Picasso in the bathroom, so as not to distract from their Monet. At 25, I found myself unemployed (again) and co-founded Prohibition Bakery. In 2014, I was named as one of Zagat's 30 Under 30. In 2015, I co-authored my first book, Prohibition Bakery, available online and in stores nationally. And now, I can officially call myself a Chopped Champion, after winning my episode of the Food Network cooking competition.  

Meanwhile in 2013, in an effort to get in shape without having to get on public transportation, I wandered into a CrossFit gym just around the corner from my apartment. I decided I really enjoyed being stronger than all the men I was dating, so I kept at it, ultimately reaching my competitive peak as part of a team at the 2015 East Regionals. Ultimately, I parlayed the hobby into a side job, consulting for RhinoCo Fitness and writing for  

Obviously, the most practical thing to do after setting up that life was to leave it all behind, but no one ever did anything great by making practical decisions. My itinerary takes me across five continents, with a home base in 10 countries and 12 cities. So, here I am, figuring out whatever this is from a shipping container cafe in Malaysia or a beach in Bali. Hopefully I can tell my story through lots of food, a bit of satire, and some occasional grace, but given that in the first 24 hours in Malaysia I managed to flush a headband down the toilet and request that my room be exorcised from the demons that were clearly haunting me, the grace thing probably isn't something either one of us should count on.  

I'm always looking for creative collaboration, so if you think that my brand of travel and culinary quirk is a good fit for your professional endeavors, please reach out! In the meantime, all of my travel stories, sage advice, and random transmits can be found right here on my website. You can also say hi on InstagramFacebookand TwitterThanks for stopping by!