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Brooke Siem

Author of MAY CAUSE SIDE EFFECTS, Food Network “Chopped” Champion, Unlikely speaker on psychiatric drug withdrawal

Brooke Siem was among the first generation of teens to be medicated with antidepressants. After spending half her life—and her entire adult life—on antidepressants, she wondered: Who might I be without them?

Six years after taking her last antidepressant and now fully healed from what was once assumed to be lifelong depression, Brooke’s mission is to share the story of what happened after she booked a one-way ticket to Malaysia and got off all the psychiatric drugs.

Unfurled against a global backdrop and her work as an award-winning chef, Brooke’s story chronicles explosive and terrifying antidepressant withdrawal and the fight to manage the modern mental health system, all while demanding hope and forgiveness in the name of healing.

Out now.

May Cause Side Effects

Brooke’s memoir is now available to buy wherever books are sold.

This is a heart-rending and tender memoir that will start conversations we urgently need to have. It’s moving and important.

Johann Hari, author of New York Times bestseller Chasing the Scream and international bestseller 
Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression—and the Unexpected Solutions

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Other Work

More about Brooke
Brooke holding cupcakes

Other Work

Chef & Consultant

In addition to her mental health advocacy work, Brooke is an award-winning chef and consultant. She is the Director of Research & Development chef for Otherworld™, co-author of the cookbook, Prohibition Bakery, and works one on one with a handful of select private clients. Her food writing has been featured in EatingWell Magazine, Esquire, Tasting Table, and more.

Other Work

The Fuckit Bucket™

Ever the entrepreneur and delighted by the phrase “Sometimes you have to chuck it in the fuck it bucket and move on,” Brooke decided she wanted a little bucket charm to carry around that would help remind her to lighten up.

It didn’t exist. So she made one!

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